Steel traders

We live in an increasingly competitive world and the more efficient a company is in its logistics operations, the more easily it will be able to add value to its products, it will be able to improve its resources and maintain a good relationship with its customers and suppliers. 

Rolled Steel as steel traders we know that logistics is one of the most important aspects in the distribution of our products.

Steel traders at your disposal

We understand that logistics not only covers the transport of merchandise from “A” to “B”, but also covers much more. For us, it is the path followed by the merchandise from the same place of production of the raw materials to the centers of steel consumption in the destination countries. All this process must be managed in an adequate way so that other objectives can be met, among which the satisfaction of the end customer, who receives the product, depends.

Due to all this is why we have focused on including comprehensive advice to avoid falling into administrative and judicial problems, as well as proper logistics management to get the products to their final destination in perfect condition. , regardless of the transport that is chosen, either by land or sea transport, both in bulk (break bulk) and in containers (containers).

It is important to bear in mind that within the logistics work, advice and processing of import licenses or authorizations is included, as well as customs clearance, insurance and all the necessary documentation for its correct management.

At Rolled Steel we also offer you the possibility of storing your merchandise temporarily in transit warehouses or in customs warehouses located in different parts of Spain, to facilitate the optimization of the supply or sale of your stocks.